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LIBLICENSE-L  February 2015

LIBLICENSE-L February 2015


Job posting - Duke University Press Sales and Marketing Analyst


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From: Kimberly Steinle <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2015 14:15:28 +0000

[MOD note:  an interesting job for a librarian???!!]

·         Sales and Marketing Analyst – Duke University Press

Duke University Press is looking for a Sales and Marketing Analyst to
join our team. The Sales and Marketing Analyst is responsible for the
collection, analysis and presentation of sales and marketing data. The
organization will rely on this position to recognize and analyze
patterns in our data to enhance global marketing and sales efforts. As
part of a departmental team, this individual will also work
cross-divisionally to ensure accuracy, identify trends and present
evidence-based recommendations for product development, sales
prospecting and price modeling to increase revenue streams. Reports to
the Library Relations and Sales Manager The position is a full time
position and offers the full Duke University benefit package. This
position is listed with Duke University as a Staff Specialist, job
code 0083, and job level 9. If interested in applying for the
position, please visit:

to submit an electronic cover letter and resume by the close of the
position at noon on Thursday, February 26, 2015.

·         Job Description:

I.            Data Analysis, Recommendation, and Presentation

A.     Current customer data (including sales and usage)

A.     Gather requirements, design, create and implement reports in
collaboration with DUP IT and utilizing Press databases, including the
Press fulfillment system, sales system, online content vendors

B.     Identify, analyze and interpret trends or patterns in large,
complex data sets

C.     Liaise with Customer Relations regarding data infrastructure
and anomalies; collaborate to determine and implement workflow

D.     Work closely with management to prioritize business and
information needs; provide data expertise to divisional and Press-wide
committees or working groups

E.      Communicate analysis and findings to in comprehensive,
understandable presentations to provide insight and inform business
decisions and strategies

B.     New business prospecting

A.     Identify new institution and consortium customers utilizing gap
analysis in current holdings and third-party databases; identify and
recommend current customers for potential upselling of additional

B.     Remain abreast of industry sales trends in academic publishing

C.     Contribute to product and price modeling as needed

C.     Marketing Data and Analysis

A.     Measure success of team efforts utilizing various marketing metrics

B.     Present analysis and serve as a point person to departmental
team to help refine and revise future marketing programs

II.            Infrastructure and Metadata

A.     Sales Systems

A.     Maintain and develop infrastructure for the Sales and Journals
Marketing teams; collaborate with Customer Relations team for
functionality and enhancement as necessary

B.     Partner with IT for ongoing implementation of upgrades or new
software and technology for sales system A2. Serve as product manager
for sales system enhancements and bug fixes with support from DUP IT
and/or outside vendor.

C.     Oversee and implement training and documentation on upgraded
and/or new technology and software for Customer Relations, Sales and
Journals Marketing

D.     Maintain relationship with third-party vendor for sales system

E.      Oversee data integrity of information held in sales system

F.      Identify data entry trends and recommend best practices

G.     Coordinate updates to data to conform with standards

B.     Industry Standards

A.     In coordination with Journals Production, ensure accurate
delivery of journals metadata to institutional partners and third
party vendors

B.     Analyze industry metadata trends to identify changes in
industry standards

C.     Partner with Journals Marketing Manager for revisions of fields
and information in the bibliographic database (Title Management) as

D.     In collaboration with Customer Relations and IT, integrate
institutional identifiers into enterprise-wide DUP systems; serve as
liaison to third party vendor providing institutional identifiers

III.            General

A.     Represent DUP and trade and professional meetings

B.     Establish, maintain, and develop relationships with
institutional and consortium customers and sales agents

C.     Serve on Press-wide or divisional committees as needed


Work requires knowledge of basic mathematical, research and
communications principles normally acquired through two years of
postsecondary education.

Preferred Skills

Advanced Excel
Database experience
Reporting software (Crystal Reports preferred)
Project Management
Proficiency with MS Office (Word, PowerPoint)
Interpersonal and team work skills
Excellent organizational skills

Kimberly Steinle
Library Relations and Sales Manager
Duke University Press
Durham, NC 27701
United States

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